2018 Corporate Board of Directors

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Trevor Bohland

Paul Swartos
President Elect

Deb Fischer
Past President

Craig Olsen

Brian Trowbridge

Michael Siakpere
Vice President of Programming Outcomes

Dan Diehn

Jeff Engedal

Lauren Evans

Dianna Fiergola

Dr. Mary Ann Hardebeck

Jill Hoeft

Vicki Hoehn

Carl Holmquist

Nicole Lasker

Tim MacLaughlin-Barck

Terri Markquart

Terry McHugh

Dennis Pischer

Shelly Pryse

Dr. Oludayo Sarumi

Becky Seelen

Our Board Member of the Month is Paul Swartos. Paul is the Market President for CCF Bank and has been on our Board of Directors since 2013. He currently serves as the President Elect. Paul first became involved with the Club because it is important to him that the kids in our community are given the opportunity to live up to their full potential. He knew the Club was a place where he could help provide the members with the tools they need to succeed in school & life.

Paul enjoys seeing the members grow up in the Club. The members Paul met when he first joined the Club have now grown up and have become Junior Staff. Paul said, “They are the leaders of the Club. The Junior staff are helping the younger members, and living up to their full potential. That is what sticks with me. The Club works and we can see it in our members!”

Paul’s favorite Club event is the Steak & Burger Dinner because it is an event that focuses on our members. He said, “We get to celebrate them, and the people in the community get a chance to engage with the members.”

When Paul is not working or volunteering at the club, he enjoys traveling and exploring new places. He also loves coaching his kid’s sporting activities.

Thank you, Paul, for all that you do to make a difference in the lives of the youth in our community! Click below to learn more about Paul!


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