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Trevor Bohland

Paul Swartos
President Elect

Deb Fischer
Past President

Craig Olsen

Brian Trowbridge

Michael Siakpere
Vice President of Programming Outcomes

Jeff Engedal

Lauren Evans

Dianna Fiergola

Dr. Mary Ann Hardebeck

Jill Hoeft

Vicki Hoehn

Carl Holmquist

Nicole Lasker

Tim MacLaughlin-Barck

Terri Markquart

Terry McHugh

Dennis Pischer

Shelly Pryse

Dr. Oludayo Sarumi

Becky Seelen

Chris Plaisance


We would like to introduce you to our Board Member of the Month, Terry McHugh   Since 2016 Terry has been an influence on our Board of Directors, directing his passion for kids and making a difference in their lives.  Terry was encouraged to join the board by a great mentor, Lee Markquart, who really showed Terry what the organization was about.   Terry’s favorite Club event is the our annual Steak & Burger Dinner.  “I love interacting with the kids and hearing their stories and watching them share their talents,” Terry stated, “along with the fact that we are raising awareness for the Club at this event, making a positive impact in the lives of children.”   Terry’s favorite story to share is about a Club member, Samm, who was Youth of the Year several years ago.  Terry has watch him flourish in the Burger King organization, and he is proud of what he has accomplished!  Terry states that “helping kids grow into happy successful adults is why I volunteer and devote time, talent and treasure to the Club”.   

When Terry is not at work or volunteering, his favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife Jennifer at their lake home in Hayward, especially when the children and grandchildren are there with them. 

Terry encourages others in the community to support the Club, highlighting that there are so many ways to be involved. The communities support is the way the Club can grow and thrive.   

Thank you, Terry, for your expertise, and continued support.  Your commitment to the Boys & Girls Club is amazing. You truly making a difference


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