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Boys & Girls Clubs' Alumni & Friends Club is a distintive group of people whose lives were forever changed at Boys & Girls Clubs. Once you're in the Club, you're a member for life.

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Their are many benefits of membership. Within a few weeks of joining, you will receive an invitation to join the new Alumni & Friends Community Hub. This new site offers to you a network of Club members so that:

       you can reconnect,
                        make new friends,
                                         and share your Club stories

The Alumni & Friends Club is a community of adults grounded in the same sense of pride, belonging, relationships and Club experiences. It's a place to build new relationships, re-ignite old ones, and network with fellow Alumni to expand social and professional networks. It's a network of youth advocates and Club supporters committed to giving back and helping Boys & Girls Clubs serve more members, more often, and increase our impact on kids who need us most!

Thank you for joining the Boys & Girls Clubs Alumni & Friends Club!
We look forward to working together to help kids who need us most.

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